The Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, which went into effect in 2004, allows any “qualified retired law enforcement officer” to legally carry a concealed firearm within the United States and its jurisdictions.

This gives retired law enforcement officers the ability to continue to defend themselves and protect their loved ones. Their experience and training make them a great potential asset in any dangerous situation that might arise.

One thing they may not have considered is their potential liability in the event of a use-of-force situation involving their firearm. According to "General Legal Considerations for Use of Firearms in Self-Defense," from the USA Carry, the legal implications of being involved in an act of self-defense costs about $25,000 at minimum in defense costs—more, if your legal defense takes a year or longer. Lockton Affinity developed an insurance program specifically designed to address their needs and those of off-duty police officers as well.

Retired Law Enforcement Self-Defense Insurance covers criminal and civil defense costs (up to the limit chosen), and the cost of civil suit defense and criminal defense reimbursement for self-defense actions when the insured is acquitted of charges.

This insurance is very affordable; it starts at just $50 per year for a $25,000 combined single limit with a $25,000 criminal defense reimbursement sub-limit. Other coverage amounts are available at reasonable cost levels, up to $205 annually for a $250,000 combined single limit with a $50,000 criminal defense reimbursement sub-limit. The peace of mind of this type of coverage cannot be overstated. If you are a retired law enforcement officer or an active law enforcement officer who needs off-duty coverage, you can purchase coverage here.