A gun range that fits your needs can be hard to find. Follow these tips to find a range that fits your needs and budget.

Get a Trusted Recommendation – Ask your friends and family if they have a preferred local gun range.
Let the NRA Help – The NRA has compiled a National Registry of Places to Shoot. Simply enter your ZIP Code and check the “Places to Shoot” box for a list of ranges near you.
Research Online – Once you get a handful of ranges nearby, do some research. Look at the ranges’ websites and reviews online. Consider the following for each range:

  • Safety – Do they employ range officers? Do the online reviews mention positives or negatives about the safety of the range?
  • Pricing – Is the range open to the public or membership-only? Do membership prices include a guest?
  • Indoor vs Outdoor – Is the facility indoor or outdoor?
  • Training/Classes – Does the range offer beginner’s classes or training?
  • Ammunition/Firearm Restrictions – Can you bring your own ammunition? Are there restrictions on the ammunition/firearms you can bring? Do you have to buy all rounds at the range?

Being Safe at the Range
Safety is everyone’s responsibility at the range. Once you find a facility that is a good fit for you, follow these tips to keep yourself and others safe at the range.

  • Take a tour of the facility and identify important areas, like firing lines and entry and exit routes.
  • Familiarize yourself with your range’s safety rules.
  • Bring your firearm into the range unloaded and in a gun case.
  • Wear eye and ear protection.
  • Always follow the safe gun handling rules
  • Know the basic range commands and listen to the range safety officer’s commands.

Enjoy your new range with total peace of mind. Ensure you have the insurance coverage you need to protect yourself and your firearms.